About Us

Alistair began working in IT the days when you needed to know the correct control codes in order to get the “£” symbol to print on daisy-wheel printers and when floppy drives were square, five and a quarter inches across and actually floppy!

There really were very few IT specialists around and he ran a sound production company (making “Byker Grove” for the BBC/Zenith North and working with “The Kinks” & “Stiff Little Fingers” amongst others) and during this time he was responsible for managing the IT within the firm.

Before long he discovered that IT was interesting, got himself trained and before too much longer moved into IT consultancy work full time.

He discovered that what he really enjoys is developing existing systems into good ones: that is the reward, the “kick”. When a client says “Thank you, this has made such a difference to our business and to me…” there’s little to equal it.