Introducing AMS

Most people just want things to work…

This is where we help.

AMS Associates helps you in making informed, strategically sound choices, or in implementing change.

Technical Expertise and Commercial Support

When you need technical expertise and commercial support in selecting the most appropriate system, technology or software solution to meet your needs – not just for now, but for the foreseeable future. Sometimes it is simply appropriate training, sometimes more, whatever it is, we are here to help: this may include any IT issues and in-house assistance.


Good productivity flows from effective production capability.
We take a look at the big picture and endeavour to implement systems that will work with you to address real business needs and improve business process.


Good communication is key to effective teamwork and a good IT solution is an enabler of this. Bringing your people and information together into a single platform for a more productive way of working.

Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft Partner, we provide Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions, alongside secure backup options. We provide assistance with any kind of digital device or service, and we pride ourselves on being the most friendly and patient teachers you’ll meet.


Email, calendar sharing, instant messaging in a secure environment.

Communication in real time.

Compatibility & Mobility:
Apple iOS, Android or Windows, full cross-platform support.

SECURELY Protecting Data

Storing in the Cloud is not the same as having a valid backup.

We provide a choice of secure backup solutions, with data centres in the UK or mainland Europe.

GDPR compliant by design.

Our Services

We structure our broad range of services to meet your business requirements and fit in with the way in which you operate.

Digital Guidance

We provide comprehensive guidance in the selection and usage of computers, smartphones, tablets and any other digital device. The aim is to leave you feeling confident and self-reliant.

IT Assistance

If your digital device breaks down or you simply have an urgent need, we’re ready to offer you assistance as you need it. Simply call or send us an email, explain your situation, and we’ll get back to you asap.

IT Management

Let us guide you in managing computers and IT devices in your office or home. Give us a call to learn more.


Do you have a new device that has to be installed? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet or a piece of software, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Why choose us

Choose us because we have experience of much that was poor and knowledge of how to do IT better. Also because we care enough to work hard for you and to tell you if you need someone else. Honesty is a pre-requisite to a good relationship, including a business relationship: if we don’t know how to do it, we will find people who can.

AMS Associates has strategically guided firms from ropey, lashed together paper and computer sub-systems and moved them, via a series of small, managed and planned tactical changes into a single, cohesive whole.

We offer in-depth guidance for all kinds of digital devices and services, and we won’t leave until you feel comfortable using your technology.


It can be a dangerous world out there in internet land, yet connected IT is critical to the vast majority of modern businesses (and even a lot of traditional ones). We look at your surface area of attack and recommend cost-effective ways in which to reduce risk and maximise your security, without it getting in the way.

Why are you encouraging me to move to the cloud and why Microsoft specifically?

Quick answer: Microsoft cloud (Microsoft 365) is the most mature of the cloud platforms and offers functionality on a par and above those corporate, on-premises solutions that I used to install and maintain at significant expense: it is more feature-rich, more secure, far more scaleable and more cost-effective. Longer short answer: Please give me a call and I’ll explain why in a better medium.

Is cloud as secure as my own hardware, in my own building – can’t anyone access it?

Short answer: Yes, it is very secure and almost certainly better than on premises. Security is not just one thing: it is a mix of access security, backup against data-loss (theft, fire, flood, ransomware, etc.). These are all addressed in a properly implemented sound, managed cloud solution.

If I have access via my mobile devices, what happens if those devices are stolen?

Services like “remote-wipe” and Bitlocker drive encryption help secure your data in the event of theft. Allied with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and policies, your data is secured.

How much will this cost us?

Initially, nothing to talk. Beyond that? This is not a cop-out, but we’ll have to meet and talk to discover that. I can say that I have always found it, thus far, to be less expensive and more cost-effective to go cloud: it just is.

If we move to the cloud, will I need to have a full time or part time IT person?

Short answer: nope! – Microsoft do the heavy lifting, AMSA do the implementation and the day to day “stuff”.

What Our Customers Say…

“Alistair looks after our IT systems within our busy Accountancy Office. He has been an integral part of our growth and is always involved with our decision-making process where changes to structure and working patterns have had to be implemented.

The changes with our IT and the introduction to SharePoint have helped us make efficiencies within our workplace. Where we have had a IT challenge Alistair has come up with the solution.

Alistair’s extensive knowledge has also been passed on to our clients who now have access to a dedicated Profession IT Specialist and we have no hesitation recommending his services.”



“Alistair has revolutionised the IT and related systems in our company, we have had 3 other IT specialists and have always been underwhelmed.

This is not the case with Alistair, nothing is ever too much trouble and he goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with excellent advice and service.

Alistair takes a holistic view of the organisation and ensures that our systems feed into the company objectives rather than us fitting with the IT. We would happily recommend Alistair to anyone wanting a simple solution to their IT.”




“As you know we are coming to our year end. I email to thank you for your outstanding service and technical advice and support. I know going into the next financial year given the government level issues that this aspect of our business is on a solid footing.”




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Phone Number

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